e-beam heater

The FOCUS e-beam heater power supply is designed to be used for sample heating and/or flashing by electron bombardment under vacuum conditions. It both delivers the needed filament current and the accelerating high voltage up to 2kV. It is able to deliver a heating power of up to 300W.

There are two polarity configurations available:

1: filament on ground potential and sample on positive high voltage
2: filament on negative high voltage and sample on ground

The unit can be regulated in different modes:

1: constant filament current
2: constant emission current
3: constant external input (e.g. sample temperature monitor)

The e-Beam Heater Control is an easy to use and safe device because of its clearly arranged configuration and operation menues. They are visualized on the front panel LCD-display and operated by 4 softkeys and 2 rotary encoders.
The unit is certified according to the CE regulations.

For mor details see the
specification sheet.

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