UHV-Evaporators: The EFM family
  • Evaporation from Wires, Rods or Crucibles

  • Temperature Range up to 3300 °C

  • Integrated Flux Monitor

  • Water Cooling for Minimum Pressure Rise

  • Rear Loading for Alignment Preservation

  • Comfortable Lab View-based PC Software

  • Most popular UHV Evaporator worldwide

360° 3D-view of the EFM 3i:

FOCUS is the manufacturer of the world wide used and well known EFM evaporators since 1990.

These UHV e-beam evaporators are dedicated to ultra-pure sub-monolayer to multilayer thin film growth under ultra high vacuum (UHV) conditions.

There is a grown family from the simplest EFM2 to much more sophisticated special solutions like e.g. the EFM3i. For a quick
survey please have a look here.


The FOCUS EFM e-beam evaporators originally have been designed for evaporation of magnetic materials such as Fe, Co, Cr, Mn and Ni as ultra-pure sub-monolayer and multilayer thin films. Materials like Pt, Ag, Au, Al, Ti, Ta, W and semiconductors, e.g. silicon, can be evaporated with the highest purity.

A careful choice of material composing the EFM, its proprietary cooling concept combined with an integrated and T/C controlled degassing up to 250°C enables evaporation in ultra-high vacuum (to below 10
-10 mbar) and prevents cross-talk between sequentially evaporated substances.


This together with the robust and compact design and high quality manufacturing makes the EFM-series a valuable long term investment.

Hence all the EFM-series evaporators are ideally suited for thin film evaporation and as doping cells in classical MBE-growth as well. The EFM-series is available with standard length and special length on request.

The rear-loading feature of the EFM evaporators enables crucible or rods to be exchanged without detaching the EFM from the vacuum chamber maintaining the source alignment (not with EFM 6).

Low stray magnetic fields enable the evaporator to be used during e.g. RHEED or LEED analysis.

Today more than 1500 instruments are used in virtually every surface science research lab that makes sure that there is a set off parameters/recipes available for basically every evaporation request.

The EFM has been cited in several 1000
publications proving the scientific relevance of its dedicated design for surface science.

FOCUS provides
service and supplies spare parts and support for all EFMs ever built since 1991.

The EFM 3 has been the first commercial evaporator using an integrated flux monitor. This enables reproducible real-time control of the deposition rate and, once calibrated, removes the need for a quartz thickness monitor. Start of evaporation is more accurately shown and controlled than by temperature measurement.

The high quality microprocessor controlled
electronics EVC 100 and EVC 300 provide stable and highly reproducible filament- and HV-regulation.

EVC300 Epitass-Main

All evaporation parameters are displayed on the control unit.

By means of the
PC software Epitass® the evaporation processes are completely remote controlled, if needed.

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