EFM 6: Larger samples and crucibles

Features at a glance:

  • Evaporation area Ø > 50 mm

  • Flux monitor

  • Integrated cooled shutter

  • Crucible capacitiy up to 9 cm3

  • Mounting flange NW 63 CF

  • All other features same as EFM 3.

For a quick check of all technical features please refer to the survey table and for major dimensions to the technical reference drawing.download

The EFM 6 evaporator extends the EFM product range to a larger scale. With a NW 63 CF (4.5” OD) base flange and a crucible capacity of up to 9 cm3, the EFM 6 holds about ten times as much material as the EFM 3.

Already at a short working distance the evaporation area is larger than 50 mm in diameter, which makes the EFM 6 ideally suited for substrates between 2” and 4”.


Featuring an integrated flux monitor and a cooled shutter, the EFM 6 is a unique tool in the medium-sized electron beam evaporator range, not only suitable for the growth of sub-monolayers but also for thick bond pads, lift-off processes etc..

Due to the cooled shutter concept the heat load to the sample is minimized which makes the EFM 6 an attractive alternative to classical single hearth evaporators where minimum thermal load is of essence.

The required high power to heat the large crucibles is supplied by the EVC 1200 (1200 Watt power).

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