Microscopy: FOCUS IS-PEEM and NanoESCA

FOCUS is the developer and supplier of PEEM instrumentation since 1994. The popular FOCUS IS-PEEM is used in more than 50 labs world wide.

A wide span of special developments and optional accessories created a very useful box of briggs that is able to fulfill many needs of very different applications.

For spectroscopic imaging we introduced a number of optional energy filtering solutions:

The most versatile one, the Imaging Energy Filter (IEF), became a widely applied technique.

For micro spot analysis we developed the Micro Analyser.

For pulsed excitation sources and/or time dependent imaging we introduced the Time-of-Flight (TOF) PEEM.

The most sophisticated and at the same time most efficient energy filter, the patented IDEA, is used with the
NanoESCA and the Momentum Microscope. It has been developed by FOCUS and OMICRON within a joint project.

Both the FOCUS IS-PEEM and the NanoESCA or the Momentum Microscope you can purchase from Scienta Omicron.

In the next future you can
meet us there.