Momentum Microscope
(NanoESCA with k-space optics):
Ag(111) and small spot VUV source HIS 14 HD

k-space imaging on Ag(111) with the Momentum Microscope: kx-ky-Image sequence taken by changing of the binding energy EB:

  • FOV in real space: 30µm.

  • FOV in k-space: 3x1/Å.

  • binding energy range: 18.2…- 0.5eV.

  • 25meV energy steps, energy resolution: 100meV.

  • excitation: 21.2eV VUV photons (small spot VUV source HIS 14 HD).

  • acquisition time/image: changing from 5s to 25s to improve contrasts.

  • number of single k-space images: 750

  • total acquisition time: ca. 150min

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