XPS at high kinetic energies is attracting increased scientific attention worldwide, mainly as a result of the availability of brilliant medium energy x-ray beam lines at a number of synchrotrons. A new field of applications for these light sources is opening up, commonly described by the keywords “High Energy Photoemission” or “HAXPES”. With the FOCUS HV-CSA we have extended the energy range of electron spectroscopy up to 15 keV and enabled the operator to probe the sample chemistry from deeper within the sample than with any other electron spectrometer.
The concept of the analyser is based on the well proven Cylindrical Sector Analyser (CSA) as developed and produced by FOCUS since many years. Compared to a conventional hemispherical analyser, the CSA allows for collection of a larger solid angle of electrons at the same energy resolution, which is of great importance to ensure excellent count rates and sensitivity at high kinetic energies.

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