• Cylindrical sector analyser with second order focusing for high transmission (essential for high kinetic energies e.g. high retardation ratios)

  • Analyser angular acceptance: ±5° (up to ±8° depending upon the lateral magnification and retard ratio )

  • Analyser slits:
    single channeltron detector: 1, 3, 9mm; entrance and exit slits independently selectable
    2D-detector: 0.5, 1.5 and 4.5mm entrance slit

  • Slit to slit distance: 300mm

  • Analyser pass energies: 1 to 500eV continuous

  • Energy resolution: down to 100meV for the entire energy range (up to 15 keV kinetic energy)

  • Kinetic energy range: 1eV to 15 keV (with one power supply)

  • Min. kinetic energy step width: 1 meV (over the entire energy range)

  • Lens lateral magnification: 1 to 60 (selectable)

  • Max. retardation ratio: 1500 (at the lateral magnification of 50)

  • Flange to sample distance: 203mm (8”), 254 mm (10") or 480mm, other length on request.

  • Zoom lens working (lens to sample) distance: 50mm

  • Mounting flange: DN 100 CF Total Weight (2D-Detector option): about 46 kg

  • Two alternative detector options:

    • Single channel detection: channeltron detector and suitable counting electronics.

    • 2D-Detector: camera based event counting detector; 40mm width in dispersive direction; channel width free selectable; more than 200 channels possible; improvement of count rate (standard XPS at Ag3d, compared to single channel detection) by a factor of about 25 at 1eV FWHM (0.6eV energy resol.) and a factor of about 7 at 2eV FWHM (1.8eV energy resol.)

Please find more in the related brochure and Poster.