Small Spot Ion Source

  • Universal ion source for sample cleaning

  • For charge neutralization as well as for ISS and LEIS

  • Beam diameter <150μm @ 5keV

  • Beam energy from 10 eV to 5 keV

  • Beam current from approx. 100nA (@15eV) to 10μA (@5keV)

  • Beam current stabilization with regulated leak valve

  • Differentially pumped

  • Scan generator

  • Scan area up to 10x10mm2 @ 5keV and 50mm working distance

  • Extensive scan field (keystone) correction

  • TCP/IP Interface

  • LabVIEW™-based Software

Pasted Graphic
Sputter Depth Profile FDG 150 sputter gun (4 keV ion energy, 2 μA beam current) used for XPS depth profiling through a 100 nm SiO2 layer on Si (001): The cross-over position of the Oxygen peak (O1s) and Silicon peak (Si2p) intensities indicates the thickness of the oxide layer.

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