EVC 300

The microprocessor controlled power supply EVC 300 makes operation of all EFM-type UHV evaporators very convenient. The 300 W power output is sufficient to evaporate any desired material.

The regulated filament emission current allows HV-independent calibration of the vapor flux and allows for a highly reproducible flux regulation.

The controller features programmable automatic thin film deposition as a function of exposure or time. Automatic growth can be by based on control of the shutter position or the heating power.

Operating  parameters can be conveniently adjusted using the userfriendly menu structure.

Remote control is possible via a RS232 interface. Several units can be linked via CAN (FOCUS Bus) for control of complex growth processes involving several evaporators.

EVC 100

The EVC 100 is a cost-effective alternative based on the technology of the EVC 300, but without the automatic flux regulation.

The EVC 100 power supply (100 W) also features microprocessor control of all functions and emission current stabilisation via automatic control of the filament current. The total deposition may be displayed as a flux-time product.

With both the EVC 300 and EVC 100 units, the deposition parameters can be stored and recalled for repeated procedures. Automatic temperature monitoring of the evaporator cooling ensures automatic shutdown if a preselectable maximum temperature is exceeded. External interlocks for cooling water and vacuum integrity are provided. The units offer a graphic display of flux vs. time.

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