HIS 13 – High Intensity VUV Source

Ease of operation, robust design and a high intensity make the HIS 13 a preferred excitation source for UPS.

Key Features

  • Long lifetime due to filament free design
  • Ease of operation
  • Robust design
  • Discharge regulation
  • Precise alignment with line of sight viewport
  • More than 300 installed units
  • Large range of options

The source is available with multiple options such as a linear polarizer, 3rd differential pumping Stage or an attenuator to tune light intensity. More than 350 installed units stand for reliable quality. The VUV source power supply with up to 300 mA discharge current, integrated pressure gauge display and fast electronic ignition supports ease of operation and optimized source brightness.
The VUV source power supply with up to 300 mA discharge current, integrated pressure gauge
display and fast electronic ignition supports ease of operation and optimized source brightness.

Line width of Light Source

Measured with Scienta Omicron EA 125

The line width of the gas phase spectrum is dominated by the Xe Doppler broadening and the analyser resolution. It proves a line width less than 2 meV of the HIS 13 operated with Ne.

Power Supply

The VUV source power supply is a fully digital unit with integrated pressure measurement and automated plasma ignition. It delivers up to 1 kV anode voltage, up to 300 mA discharge current and a very stable discharge regulation.

Key Features

  • fully digital unit design ​
  • Discharge regulation​
  • Integrated pressure measurement ​
  • Automated plasma ignition​
  • Ease of operation​
  • 1 kV discharge voltage​
  • 300 mA discharge current


The spot diameter of the HIS 13 as well as the photon density on the sample depend on the chosen light capillary diameter of the lamp and the working distance between sample and light source in the experiment. The table below shows the values for exemplary setups.

Capillary Diameter (mm)
Photon Flux (Ph/s)5.0 · 10111.1 · 10122.3 · 1012
Spot Diameter (mm)
• at 10 mm working distance1.11.52.0
• at 70 mm working distance2.83.23.7
Photon Density (Ph/s/mm2)
• at 10 mm working distance 5.5 · 1011 6.6 · 1011 7.4 · 1011
• at 70 mm working distance 8.4 · 1010 1.4 · 1011 2.2 · 1011

Further features of the lamp are:

Useful gas discharge linesHe I, He II, Ne I, Ne II, Ar I, Ar II, Kr I, Kr II, Xe I, Xe II, H (Lyα, Lyβ)
CapillarySelectable length & diameter
CoolingWater cooling
Discharge powerUp to 300 W
Operating pressureDown to 10-10 mbar (He I)
Differential pumpingTwo or three (optional) stage
Mounting flangeDN 40 CF 2¾″ OD
Alignment & discharge controlVia backside viewport
Adjustment± 3° port aligner
Bake out temperatureUp to 250° C
Plasma IgnitionAutomatic

Technical Drawing

The drawing shows the standard configuration of a HIS 13 VUV lamp.

Optional Upgrades for HIS 13

The HIS 13 VUV light source can be expanded with different upgrades. Please contact us for further details.

Third differential pumping stage

The VUV lamp HIS 13 is extendable with all available options such as a 3rd differential pumping stage, an attenuator to tune light intensity, linear polarizer, a monochromator and two different focusing mirrors.

The standard 2-stage differential pumping allows for a system pressure of 10-8 – 10-9 mbar during operation for HeI. The third pumping stage reduces the  pressure to the mid 10-10 mbar range depending on capillary diameter. 


Attenuator for HIS 13/14 for VUV-sensitive samples. Even though most application in photo electron spectroscopy aim for maximum intensity there are opposite requirements when working on VUV-sensitive sample as for example organic materials. The Attenuator for HIS 13/14 allows for a variable reduction of photon flux by a factor 10 or 100.

Linear Polarizer

Continously rotatable linear polariser for full exploitation of symmetry selection rules in photoemission.

Focusing Mirror

In order to realize a long working distance of 100 or 200 mm and a small beam spot down to 180 µm the HIS 13 can be equipped with two alternative focusing mirrors. For more details please refer to the HIS 14 HD page.

Monochromator for He I & He II

The monochromator delivers pure He I – w/o satellites or He II – lines for ghost peak free angle resolved photo electron spectoscopy (ARPES) or momentum microscopy. It is an option for the HIS 13 as well as the HIS 14 HD. For more details please refer to the dedicated section for HIS Mono.