Electron spin detection has a long tradition @ FOCUS. The first commercial product has been the spin polarized LEED detector FOCUS SPLEED, launched in 1991 which is used until today as the detector of choice for SEMPA . Typically, but not for SEMPA, all this spin detectors have to be combined with electron energy filtering devices like hemispherical or cylindrical energy analyzers or energy filtered photoelectron microscopes like the NanoESCA. 

The SPLEED as well as the FERRUM or the 2D imaging Spinfilter are based on low energy  electron scattering  on appropriate single crystal surfaces respectively epitactic thin layers. The latter two are also refered  to as VLEED because of the very low scattering energies applied. 

Over the years FOCUS has become the  world leading expert for this kind of electron spin detection with superior sensitivity, excellent Figure of Merit and ease of use.

Since some years a major application is the spin dependent investigation of  2d materials, including  topological insulators as well as the field of spintronics and nanomagnetism in general. 

We are happy to provide our spin detectors along the ongoing interest  as part of our Spectroscopy and NanoESCA product line to end customers as well as to companies as ScientaOmicron, SPECS and MBS for integration for example, of the FOCUS FERRUM into their ARPES spectrometers.


Our recent standard spin detector is the
FOCUS FERRUM detector (left) which is based on very low electron energy diffraction (VLEED) on a thin magnetized iron layer.


The SEMPA detector (left) we make for spin polarized imaging with a scanning electron (UHV) microscope. It is using the FOCUS SPLEED.

The FOCUS SPLEED has been over years our standard and already widely spread spin detector. It is based on low energy electron scattering on a clean tungsten single crystal.

Imaging 2D Spinfilter

Since Nov. 2019 FOCUS has an agreement for legal and technical rights with the patent holder of the 2D Spinfilter: Company Surface Concept Gmbh, Protecting German Patent DE102005045622B4. Hence we are pleased to announce the Imaging 2D Spinfilter as an official product for our NanoESCA. The Imaging 2 D Spinfilter can be ordered as part of a NanoESCA turn-key solution via our sales partner ScientaOmicron but it’s also available for retrofit of existing NanoESCA in the field.