Ion Sputter sources are a basic pre-requisite for sample preparation in surface science. The FOCUS FDG 150 and FDG 15 hot filament are premium products to please the requests for ultra clean smaple preparation of metals and semiconductors. Standard operating gas is Ar but other noble gases and hydrogen or oxygen work as well. Both sources can be differentially pumped and the FDG 150 in addition offers a finely focused ion beam (150μm @ 50 mm working distance) with scanning option and optional regulated gas-inlet for classical XPS depth profiling.

FDG 15

Hot Filament Ion Source

The FDG 15 ion source is designed to sputter clean samples for surface analysis with spot size varying from 300 μm to 50 mm or varying working distance correspondingly.

FDG 150

Universal ion source for sample cleaning

The FDG 150 is an universal UHV Ion Source with raster function for depth profile analysis with XPS and Auger Spectroscopy, for sample cleaning, for sensor cleaning in scanning probe microscopes anf for charge neutralization (ESCA). It can also be used as excitation source with ISS / LEIS instruments.