Vacuum ultraviolet light is the dominant DC excitation  for band structure analysis using PES and ARPES as well as for PEEM and momentum microscopy. The quality and performance of those measurements strongly depend on  the photon density and spot size of the VUV illumination. The FOCUS VUV sources are strictly designed to deliver best performance in that respect. All FOCUS (V)UV sources are equipped with water cooling to guarantee time-stable and vibration- free measurements. Cooling is provided by a water cooling unit, mounted at the back of the source’s housing.

The HIS 13 and HIS 14 HD (focused version) lamps are based on the principle of a  cold cathode capillary discharge powered by up to 300 mA discharge current (300 W). The sources can be operated with various discharge gases, such as Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon or Hydrogen.

Two different focusing mirrors (< 200 µm spot), a patented zone plate based monochromator for He I/II, a linear polarizer and an attenuator for highly sensitive samples are modular extensions to the HIS 13 which allows you to upgrade the cost effective base model step by step.

Those features make the FOCUS HIS 13/14 MONO the ideal excitation source for best ARPES and Momentum Microscopy performance of todays surface science research as for example on  2D-  or organic materials.

In particular for high performance PEEM/NanoESCA excitation we have developed the focused Hg UV-source with optional polarization filter. It is perfectly suited in combination with the HIS 14 HD/MONO to support effective real space navigation with ARPES.


With ease of operation, robust design and a high intensity the basic model HIS 13 is a preferred excitation source for UPS. The VUV lamp  is extendable with all available options such as a linear polarizer, 3rd differntial pumping stage, an attenuator to tune ligth intensity, a monochromator and two different focusing mirrors. More than 350 installed units stand for reliable quality.


A fine focused high photon density discharge lamp is the ideal photon labroatory source for ARPES and PEEM.

< 200 µm spot size, ca. 70 mm working distance (160 mm optional) and 50 (12.5) times higher flux density compared to a non-focused source.


The HIS 13 Mono is mounted on a CF 38 ID flange and delivers a monochromatized spot of the He I or He II alpha-line. Spot size depends on the dimensions for the guiding light capillary. The dispersive element for monochromatization has an unmatched high transmission of > 15 % and is positioned with a simple z-shift for either He I or He II operation or optical spot alignment with the integrated +/- 3° port aligner.

HIS 14 HD MONO – Monochromatic VUV source

Combines the small spot size down to <200 µm and the high photon density of the HIS 14 HD with monochromatized HeI or HeII alpha-line to enable unique momentum microscopy performance.

An animation showcasing different sample positions can be observed here.

Mercury Arc UV Source

The FOCUS Mercury Arc UV Source is a compact discharge excitation source for use in scientific applications. It is especially developed for the FOCUS PEEM and NanoESCA to be mounted to a DN35/40 CF flange. The parallel light beam output of the UV source is directed through a Heat Filter that cut-off the IR radiation and further on to the Vacuum Lens Assembly that focuses the UV light onto a sample via an in-vacuum lens.