Dec 2019: Imaging 2D Spinfilter

Since Nov. 2019 FOCUS has an agreement for legal and technical rights with the licensor of the patent of the 2D Spinfilter: Company Surface Concept Gmbh, Protecting German Patents: DE102005045622B4. Hence we are pleased to announce the Imaging 2D Spinfilter as an official product for our NanoESCA. The Imaging 2 D Spinfilter can be ordered as part of a NanoESCA turn-key solution via our sales partner ScientaOmicron but it’s also available for retrofit of existing NanoESCA in the field.

FOCUS started already back in 2010 to design, build and install the electron optics for the first tungsten-based Imaging 2D Spinfilter prototype (Tusche et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 032505 (2011), doi:10.1063/1.3611648.)

The first two FOCUS-built and Iridium-based 2D Imaging Spinfilter in operation are located at ELI ALPS ( and Trondheim University.

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At the latter you also can see first spin-resolved ARPES data from the NanoESCA:

[Sample is Bi(111), and the two greyscale images are the raw signal at the two working points of the spin filter. The right hand panel is the difference. The energy is just below the Fermi energy.]

Feb 2018: Monochromatized VUV source HIS 13 MONO

Following the monochromatization of the focused VUV source HIS 14 HD: HIS 14 HD MONO, we have received the requests from our customers to also offer the base model HIS 13 with the efficient zone plate based monochromator. The HIS 13 HD is a very cost effective and CF 40 based solution which can be easily retrofitted to existing UHV chambers.

2017: New Spin rotator SPINSwitch
to be combined with the spin detector FERRUM

March 2017: Monochromatized VUV source HIS 14 HD Mono

March 2016: Energy and spin analyzer EasySPIN

We’ve launched a new complete spin analysis solution, called EasySPIN.

The FOCUS EasySPIN is a very versatile and compact but highly efficient instrument to be used for spin resolving electron spectroscopy. It comes as a a combination of the FOCUS FERRUM with our cylinder sector type electron energy analyzer.

It is thought to open up the field of spin sensitive electron spectroscopy to a wider group of scientists who are interested in this field but limited in terms of space and/or the budgetary situation.

January 2016: Ion source FDG 15

The high performance fine focus ion source FDG 150 got now a ”little sister”, the differentially pumped ion source FDG 15.

The FDG 15 uses the same proven ion beam generation as the FDG 150 and can be used as a substitute for all applications where e.g. the wide spread but no longer available ISE 10 (Leybold/Kremer/OMICRON) has been used in the past.

In addition the FDG 15 comes with a more flexible ion optics to adjust for longer working distances and an optional ion flux stabilization.

September 2015: High Dynamic Current Amplifier HDCA40

FOCUS electronics has launched the new
High Dynamic Current Amplifier HDCA40 designed for
ultra fast/wide angle deflection of electron beams (up to 200kHz).

In 2015 FOCUS did celebrate its 25th anniversary!
Please have a look at our 25th Anniversary catalogue:

All about electrons…

September 2013: Small spot VUV source HIS 14 HD

The very popular VUV source HIS 13 got a newly developed successor: The focused VUV source HIS 14 HD.

Its small spot of 300 μm and the about 50 times enhanced photon density (HD=high density!) makes the HIS 14 HD ideal for ARPES or PEEM applications. In both cases its performance is a must for good results with low measuring times and at the same time high signal to noise ratios. Additionally the small spot helps to achieve the best as possible angular resolution with ARPES experiments.

May 2013: Fine focus ion source FDG 150

The fine focus ion source FDG 150 has been launched to the market.

It is a universal high performance ion source what is designed both for sample cleaning and for charge neutralization as well as for ISS and LEIS applications.

In the next future you can meet us there.