The FOCUS Pulse-Preamplifiers / Discriminators are designed for processing output pulses of channel electron multipliers. They feature very low noise and a high pulse rate limit at the same time. Incoming pulses are amplified, shaped and discriminated. The resulting pulse train is amplified to form TTL output pulses. The devices are housed in a rigid HF-shielded nickel coated aluminium case, input and output connectors are of the BNC type.

Types PD1, PD5 & PD7

There are tree different types available. The PD1 is a 1-channel Pulse-Preamplifier with an additional output to monitor the discriminator threshold level. The PD5 is a 5-channel and the PD7 is a 7-channel Pulse-Preamplifier.

The units is certified according to the CE regulations.

For mor details see the specification sheet.

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