Focused VUV source – Applications

1. μ-ARPES:

Real space and k-space NanoESCA images taken on a poly crystalline silver sample excited by focused HeI excitation.
Real Space (left): FoV 38μm, E-Ef = 4.5eV (Hg source)
K-space (right): FoV 4.1Å-1, E-Ef 21.2eV (HIS 14 HD)
Find more about k-space imaging here.

2. Measurements of the spot size using PEEM:

Using our PEEM we derived the spot profile/diameter of the VUV beam on the sample (silver). The elliptical shape is because of the grazing angle of about 25° what is applied with the PEEM. Taking this into account we get a round spot with a diameter of about 290µm.

3. Comparison of the S/N-ratio of k-space images (PEEM):

Sample: Ag(111)
HeI excitation (21.2 eV)
E-Ef = 15.5 eV