FDG 150

XPS depth profiling, where XPS is combined with argon ion sputtering, allows the identification of chemical variations from the topmost surface of solid materials (i.e., ≤ ~10 nm) to hundreds of nanometers or more into the bulk, which facilitates characterization of complex layered structures. The FOCUS FDG 150 ion source with its scanned small beam spot of less than 150 µm is an ideal sputter source for this purpose. A regulated leak valve for many years has been the means of choice to ensure a very homogeneous ion current and hence ablation rate up to hours for best depth resolution.  

The FOCUS FDG 150 ion source package now is equipped with an integrated emission controlled ion beam regulation on a stability level which exceeds the performance achieved with a regulated leak valve in terms of regulation speed and stability.

The package for the compact static ion source FDG 15 as well does include this new ion beam regulation