Vacuum ultraviolet light is the dominant continuous excitation for band structure analysis using PES and ARPES as well as for PEEM and Momentum Microscopy. Our discharge based laboratory sources HIS 13 and the focused HIS 14 HD are now available with a dedicated monochromator to separate the two prominent lines He I (21.2 eV) and He II (40.8 eV) from the rest of the emission spectrum.

This HIS Mono is based on a patented zone plate arrangement with up to 20% transmission. Two zone plates are optimized for monochromatizing the He I and He II lines. The alignment of the source in the experiment chamber can be conveniently done with a third zone plate optimized for an adjustment laser.

The HIS VUV source product range comprise easy to use long lifetime sources (filament free design) with high photon densities, small beam spots and large working distances.

More detailed information is available on the dedicated product pages: