The NanoESCA is a sophisticated analytical instrument designed for imaging and small spot photoemission spectroscopy as well as µ-ARUPS.
 The NanoESCA has been developed within a tight collaboration of FOCUS GmbH, Huenstetten and Scienta Omicron GmbH, Taunusstein. Its basic concept, the energy filtering by means of an Imaging Double Energy Analyser (IDEA) has been patented.

Together with its broad variety of laboratory excitation sources ranging from a high-power monochromatized Al Kα x-ray source to UV sources such as He-, Mercury arc- and Deuterium lamps or UV lasers, it is optimized for non-destructive chemical analysis of sample surfaces (Imaging ESCA / XPS), for imaging UPS and µ-ARUPS.

The NanoESCA placed on a synchrotron beam line opens up even a few more potentials. Such sources do not only deliver just more photons. Additionally to the lab use as above the tunable wave lengths opens up the possibility to take total yield images and/or spectra for imaging resonant photo emission investigations. With the polarized synchrotron light and its pulsed time structure the NanoESCA is a beautiful tool to have a microscopic look at the magnetic dichroism of photoemission in terms of the real time behavior of microscopic magnetic domains and its spin states.

A further synchrotron related usage of the NanoESCA is the recently developed HAXPEEM. At high brilliant x-ray beam lines of synchrotrons this seems to become a highly promising approach to investigate not only surfaces with the PEEM but bulk properties of samples also.

The NanoESCA can be equipped optionally with additional electron optical elements to accomplish not only the lateral imaging but also the imaging of the angular distribution of the emitted electrons (µ-ARUPS, µ-ARPES). This concept has been called Momentum Microscope.

The Trondheim NanoESCA System
Group of Justin Wells, “quantum.wells
Photo courtesy of Scienta Omicron

A complete NanoESCA UHV system as delivered by Scienta Omicron.

The NanoESCA is distributed exclusively by our sales partner Scienta Omicron. Please contact them for more informations.

The recent related interactive brochure you can download here (courtesy of Scienta Omicron).